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This list includes as much information as presently accessible, focusing on show titles, location and dates.  When there was a list of participating artists that was reflective of the show's focus, rather than simply a lengthy list of names, their names were included.  The list also attempts to document the works shown, though this information is harder to find.

1927 “Paul Feeley,” Palo Alto Public Library, 1927.  One-man exhibition.
Works:  Drawings of his brothers.
1934 Award: First Medal – Paul Feeley, Beaux-Arts Institute of Design:  Mural Decoration Program VII—“The Sanctuary of a Small Catholic Chapel.” July, 1934.
Second Medal – Paul Feeley, Beaux-Arts Institute of Design: Mural Decoration Program VIII – “Grill Room of a Riding Club.” August, 1934.
1936 “The Thirty-Fourth Annual Watercolor Exhibition and the Thirty-Fifth Annual Exhibition of Miniatures,” The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, November 1-December 6, 1936.
1937 “Paul Feeley,” Guild Gallery, New York, April 5-24, 1937.  One-man exhibition. Watercolor and glue tempera paintings.
Works: Back Yards; Fat Man’s Shop; Subway; Elevated; Factory; Doorstep; Painters; Ice, Coal & Wood; Car Washer; Accident; Suburbs; Boy with Basket; The Psychologist – 1; The Psychologist – 2; Fortune Teller; Window Dresser; Undertakers; Milk Wagon; Fireside; Butcher; East Side; Drunk; Ash Can; News Stand; Boy; Hanging Clothes.
1947 12th Regional Exhibition by Artists of the Upper Hudson,” Albany Institute of Art, Albany, New York, May 1-June 1, 1947. Artists of the Upper Hudson.
1948 “Paul Feeley,” New School For Social Research, New York, November 16-December 11, 1948.  One-man exhibition.
Man and Woman with Grapes; Family Group; Head of a Woman; Combing a Child’s Hair (Courtesy of Mr. And Mrs. Paul Boepple); Still Life with Guitar; Four Figures; Man with Towel; Girl with Comb; Family Scene; Hallowe’en; Men Washing a Dog; The Carver (Courtesy of Mr. And Mrs. Stanley Hyman); Three Seated Bathers; Still Life; Basketball Players; Mother and Child; Three Heads (Courtesy of Mr. And Mrs. Matthew A. Meyer); The Singer; Still Life with Doll; The Boat Builders; Two Figures; Woman and Child.

“New England Painting and Sculpture, 1949,” Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, Massachusetts, May 4-28, 1949.  In collaboration with Springfield Museum of Fine Arts, MA; Berkshire Museum, Pittsfield, MA; Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, CT; Farnsworth Library and Art Museum, Rockland, ME; Worcester Art Museum, MA; Currier Gallery of Art, Manchester, NH; Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI; The MA Chapter of the Artists Equity Association, MA.
Artists included:  Garabed der Hohannesian; Panos Ghikas; Kenneth Cempbell; Paul Terence Feeley; Maud Morgan; Angele Myrer; Esther Geller; Carl G. Nelson; Napoleon Setti; Harley Perkins; Omer Lassonde; Carl Pickhardt; Monica Moleronek; Walt Killam; Walter Feldman; Lawrence Kupferman; Howard Gibbs.
Still Life with Guitar.

1950 “Art Faculty Exhibition, Bennington College,” Young Women’s Christian Association, Boston, Massachusetts, November 13-27, 1950.
Artists: Paul Feeley, George A.C. Holt, Bernard Kessler, Herta Moselsio, Simon Moselsio, Daniel Shapiro.
  Mother and Child (Hair Combing); Bathing Figures; Still Life, Compote of Fruit; Three Victorian Figures; Head of Woman; Madonna and Child; Head of Woman; The Brink Robbers; Skiers; Madonnas; Three Figures Walking; Still Life.
  “Paul Feeley,” Santa Barbara Museum Of Art, Santa Barbara, California, December 1950. Traveled to Stanford University Gallery, Stanford University; Stanford Research Institute, Menlo Park, California, March, 1950. May also have traveled to Mills College, Oakland, CA, but documentation unclear.  Gouaches.  One-man exhibition. Loaned by Alexandre Rabow Galleries, San Francisco.  
Still Life with Apples; Bathers; The Fishermen; Child with Doll; Mother and Child; Mother and Children – I; Family Group; Figures on the Beach; Figure Composition; Dancing Pig; Seated Figure; Horse and Rider; Mother and Children – II

“Paintings by Ellwood Graham, Watercolors by Paul Feeley,”  San Francisco Museum Of Art, February 6-25, 1951. Traveled to Mills College, Oakland, California.
  (List of works shipped, not all necessarily displayed) Family Group; Trick Dog; Three Girls; Sleeping Boy (Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kinkead, Los Altos); Hunter; Horseman; Head; Duck Hunter; Untitled, “Four Figures”; Boatman; Untitled, “Birds”; Head (Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Alan Kinkead, Los Altos); Untitled, “Men and Horses”; Three Bathers; Group of Figures; Mother and Child (Courtesy of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gordon, San Francisco)

  “Paul Feeley,” Alexandre Rabow Galleries, San Francisco, California, Through August 31, 1951.  One-man exhibition.
  “New Group Show,” Millard Studio, Carmel Highlands, California, 1951.

“Art Faculty Exhibition,” Bennington College Gallery, Bennington, Vermont, October 1951.

1952 “Art Faculty Exhibition,” Bennington College Gallery, June, 1952.
1953 “Paul Feeley,” Cummington School Of The Arts, Cummington, Massachusetts, July-August, 1953.  One-man exhibition.
  “Paul Feeley,” Milton College, Milton, Wisconsin, October 9-11, 1953.  One-man exhibition. Recreation of show of gouaches shown at San Francisco Museum of Art, 1951.
1954 “Emerging Talent,” Kootz Gallery, New York, January 11-30, 1954.  Selected by Clement Greenberg.
Herman Cherry, Paul Feeley, Paul Georges, Cornelia Langer, Saul Leiter, Morris Louis, Anthony Louvis, Sue Mitchell, Kenneth Noland, Philip Pearlstein, Theophil Repke.

“Works by Faculty and Students of Bennington College, Leonid Kipnis Gallery, Westport, Connecticut, July 28-August 10, 1955.
Joan Morris, Debbie Booth, Judith Backer, Helen Burgin, Joy Appel, Sara Gursky, Grace Bakst Wapner, Nancy Silbowitz, Margaret Buckley.
Dan Shapiro, Paul Feeley, George Holt, Bernard Kessler.
  Warm Scheme; Red and Brown; Scheme in Yellow; White Circle; Blue Scheme.

  “Paul Feeley, Paintings,” Tibor De Nagy Gallery, New York, October 4-22, 1955.  One-man exhibition.  
Works Included:
Red on Green, 1954; Hovering Shape, 1954; Black Shape, 1954; Falling Yellow, 1955.  
  “Vanguard 1955,” The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, October 23-December 5, 1955.  Traveled to The Stable Gallery, New York from December 28, 1955. Text by Kyle Morris. 
Ernest Briggs, Charles Cajori, Herman Cherry, Richard Diebenkorn, Edward Dugmore, Paul Feeley, Helen Frankenthaler, Mike Goldberg, John Grillo, Dorothy Heller, Angelo Ippolito, Nicholas Marsicano, Fred Mitchell, Joan Mitchell, Kyle Morris, Steve Pace, Raymond Parker, Jon Schueler, Joseph Steffanelli, Paul Wonner.
Black and Brown, 1955; Hovering Shape, 1955.
1957 “Bennington College Art Faculty Exhibition,” Robert Hull Fleming Museum, Burlington, Vermont, January 1957.  
  “Paul Feeley,” Bennington College Art Gallery, Bennington, Vermont, March 31-April 6, 1957. One-man exhibition.  Watercolors, most from Spain.  

“Paul Feeley,” Tibor De Nagy Gallery, New York, February 18-March 8, 1958.  Paintings. One-man exhibition.

1959 “Section Eleven,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, March 31-April 18, 1959.  
Paul Bodin, Paul Feeley, Thomas George, Leon Wall.
1960 “Paul Feeley, Paintings,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, May 16-June 4, 1960.  First one-man exhibition at the Betty Parsons gallery.
Works Included:
Claudius, 1961; Tiberius, 1961; Augustus, 1960; Germanicus, 1960.  
1961 “64th American Show,” Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL, 1961.
  “Exhibition of Work by the Art Faculty,” Bennington College Art Gallery, October 6-28, 1961.
Paul Feeley, Lyman Kipp, Vincent Longo, Stanley Rosen, George Holt.
Five untitled paintings, 1 from 1958, 3 from 1959, 1 from 1960.
1962 “Four American Painters,” Molton Gallery, London, April 26-May 19, 1962.  In collaboration with Betty Parsons Gallery, New York.
:  Hedda Sterne, Paul Feeley, Minoru Kawabata, Jesse Reichek.
  Cassius, 1959; Claudius, 1961; Diocletian, 1959; Lepidus, 1960.
  “Paul Feeley, Paintings” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, May 14-June 2, 1962. One-man Exhibition.
: Athens; Carthage; Corfu; Homer; Syracuse; Ilion; Ithaca; Lysander; Marathon; Hector; Medusa; Troy; Ionia; Lacona. (All from 1962)
  “Painting and Sculpture,” Wolfson Studio, Salt Point, New York, August 19-September 21, 1962.  Courtesy, Betty Parsons Gallery.
Dusti Bonge; Clavert Coggeshall; Paul Feeley; Jose Guerrero; Lyman Kipp; Alexander Liberman; Elisabeth McFadden; Walter Murch; Eduardo Paolozzi; Ad Reinhardt; Ethel Schwabacher; Thomas Sills; Sasson Soffer; Hedda Sterne; Ruth Vollmer; Sidney Wolfson; Jack Youngerman.

“A Selection of American Abstract Paintings 1948-1962 (from a private collection),” Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Newton, Massachusetts, November 1962.
Paul Feeley; Abby Fink; Maurice Gorchov; Timothy Hennessy; Ralph Humphrey; Agnes Martin; Jackson Pollock; Tony Smith; Theodoros Stamos; Clifford Still.
Hector, 1962; Untitled, 1962; Untitled, 1962.

  “Program for Young American Culture,” Helsinki, Finland, 1962. Group exhibition.
1963 “New Experiments in Art,” De Cordova Museum, Lincoln, MA, March 23-April 28, 1963.  Text by James Harithas.
  “Paul Feeley, Paintings,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, May 13-31, 1963. One-man exhibition.
  “First Annual Retrospective Exhibition – The Art Dealers Association of America,” Parke-Bernet Galleries, New York, June 18-July 27, 1963.
Early Erei, 1963.
  “Forty-six Works from New York,” Dilexi Gallery, San Francisco, November 12-December 7, 1963.
Artists Included:
  George Deem; Agnes Martin; Paul Feeley; Leon Polk Smith; Neil Williams; John Wesley; Lucas Samaras; Richard Lindner; Franz Kline; William de Kooning; Barnett Newman; Jack Youngerman.

“Dealers Choice,” Contemporary Arts Association, Houston, Texas, December 3, 1963-January 3, 1964.
Forrest Bess; Jack Bush; Gene Davis; George Deems; Ernest Dieringer; Rosalyn Drexler; Sally Hazelet Drummond; Friedel Dzubas; Paul Feeley; Helen Frankenthaler; Nicholas Krushenick; Mon Levinson; Alexander Liberman; Robert Natkin; Jules Olitski; Milton Resnick; Albert Stadler; George Sugarman; Wayne Thiebaud; Esteban Vicente; Charmion von Wiegand; David Weinrib; Philip Wofford; Jack Youngerman; Larry Zox.

1964 “Art for Art Collectors,” Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio, February 6-March 8, 1964.
  “The Painter’s Eye,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, March 3-28, 1964.  
Ellsworth Kelly, Walter Murch, Hedda Sterne, Jack Youngerman, Richard Pousette-Dart, Kenzo Okada, Paul Feeley.
  “American Painting III,” Cincinnati Art Museum, Ohio, April 2-28, 1964.Artists: Gilbert Stuart; John Trumbull; Washington Allston; Thomas Sully; Albertis De Orient Browere; Jasper Cropsey; R. L. Newman; Albert Bierstadt; Winslow Homer; Mary Cassatt; Ralph Blakelock; William M. Chase; J.D. Chalfant; Childe Hassam; Arthur B. Davies; Robert Henri; John Marin; John Sloan; Marsden Hartley; Arthur G. Dove; Max Weber; George Bellows; Paul Burlin; Georgia O’Keeffe; Mark Tobey; Milton Avery; Stuart Davis; Julian Levi; Lee Gatch; Victor Candell; Karl Zerbe; Kenneth Callahan; Lamar Dodd; Enrico Donati; John Heliker; John Koch; Paul Feeley; Jennett Lam; Carl Morris; David Park; William Kienbusch; Leo Manso; Gabor Peterdi; Hedda Sterne; Robert Goodnough; Robert Richenburg; Cleve Gray; Stephen Greene; Walter Meigs; Fritz Bultman; Edward Betts; Jimmy Ernst; John Guerin; Seong Moy; Nell Blaine; Richard Diebenkorn; James Weeks; David Aronson; Leon Goldin; Tadashi Sato; Al Blaustein; Jane Freilicher; Walter Plate; Siegfried Reinhardt; Robert Vickrey; Peter Forakis; Wolf Kahn; John Koenig; Tom Wesselman; Ernest Dieringer; Joan Brown.
  Erei, 1963.
  “Nebraska Art Association, 72nd Annual Exhibition,” Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, April 8-May 10, 1964.
  “World House International, 1964,” World House Galleries, New York, June 9-September 25, 1964.
  “118 Show,” Kasmin Gallery, London, July 30-September 19, 1964.
  Ayres; Avedisian; W. Darby Bannard; Caro; Castellani; Chamberlain; B. Cohen; Denny; Dzubas; Feeley; Frankenthaler; Gottlieb; Hockney; House; Howlin; Kelly; Latham; Louis; Newman; Noland; Olitski; Parker; R. Smith; Stadler; Stella; Tippett; Zox.
  “Color Dynamics,” Katonah Gallery, Katonah, New York, September 20-November 3, 1964.
  “Paintings and Constructions of the 1960s: Selected from the Richard Brown Baker Collection,” The Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, late 1964.
  “Post-Painterly Abstraction,” Los Angeles County Museum Of Art, April 23-June 7, 1964, Los Angeles, California.  Traveled to Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN, July 14-August 16, 1964, and to the Art Gallery of Toronto, Toronto, Canada, November 21-January 3, 1965.  Organized with text by Clement Greenberg.
  Walter Darby Bannard; George Bireline; Jack Bush; Gene Davis; Ernest Dieringer; Thomas Downing; Ralph DuCasse; Friedel Dzubas; Paul Feeley; John Ferren; Sam Francis; Helen Frankenthaler; Frank Hamilton; Al Held; Alfred Jensen; Ellsworth Kelly; Nicholas Krushenick; Alexander Liberman; Kenneth Lochhead; Morris Louis; A.F. McKay; Howard Mehring; Kenneth Noland; Jules Olitski; Raymond Parker; Ludwig Sander; David Simpson; Albert Stadler; Frank Stella; Mason Wells; Emerson Woelffer;
  Asijatija, 1963; Patono, 1963; Rijo, 1963.
  “American Drawings,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, September 17-October 28, 1964.  Text by Lawrence Alloway.
  John Altoon; Norman Blum; Richard Diebenkorn; Jim Dine; Paul Feeley; Peter Forakis; Sam Francis; Arshile Gorky; Adolph Gottlieb; Philip Guston; Jasper Johns; Lester Johnson; Ellsworth Kelly; Franz Kline; Willem De Kooning; Lee Krasner; Alexander Liberman; Roy Lichtenstein; Frank Lobdell; Sven Lukin; Agnes Martin; Robert Motherwell; Reuben Nakian; Barnett Newman; Claes Oldenburg; Jules Olitski; Jackson Pollock; Larry Poons; Robert Rauschenberg; Edward Ruscha; Myron Stout; Mark Tobey; Ernest Trova; Cy Twombly; Idelle Weber; Jack Youngerman.
  Algenib, 1964; Algorab, 1964; Algoi, 1964; Algieba, 1964.
  “Paul Feeley, Paintings,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, October 27-November 21, 1964.  One-man exhibition.
Works: Altair; Aludra; Alnitah; Alpheratz; Asellus; Alruccabah; Alshain; Antares; Asmidiske; Alphiric; Alphard; Alnium. Not shown, but present: Ancha, Alphecca, Alya, and a selection of watercolors.  All from 1964.
  “Paul Feeley, Recent Paintings,” Kasmin Gallery, London, October 30-November 28, 1964. One-man exhibition.Works Included:  Almuredin, 1964; Alkaphrah, 1964; Alkes, 1964; Alioth, 1964; Almaack, 1964; Alkaturops, 1964, Caesarea, 1962.
  “Shaped Canvas,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, December 5, 1964-January 31, 1965.  Text by Lawrence Alloway.
Paul Feeley; Sven Lukin; Richard Smith; Frank Stella; Neil Williams.
Works: Ariolica, 1961; Trebula, 1961; Celadussa, 1961; Sarsina, 1961; Crexi, 1961; Untitled, Orange & Gold, 1961; Epodedia, 1962; Also shipped:  Paeligni, 1961; Aquileia, 1961.
1965 “Optical Painting,” Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, February 17-March 21, 1965.
Artists: Josef Albers; Edna Andrade; George Bireline; Mel Butor; Paul Feeley; Bill
Komodore; Heinz Mack.
  “The Responsive Eye,” The Museum of Modern Art, New York, February 25-April 25, 1965.  Traveled to City Art Museum of St. Louis, May 20-June 20, 1965; Seattle Art Museum, July 15-August 23, 1965; Pasadena Art Museum, September 25-November 27, 1965; Baltimore Museum of Art, December 14-January 23, 1966.  Text by William C. Seitz.
  “Art of the 50’s and 60’s (Selected from the Richard Brown Baker Collection),” The Larry Aldrich Museum, Ridgefield, Connecticut, April 25-July 5, 1965.
Aldebaran, 1963.
  “40 Key Artists of the Mid-20th Century,” Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, Michigan, May 4-29, 1965. Text by W. Hawkins Ferry, Chairman, Board of Directors.
Alphard, 1964

“118 Show,” Kasmin Gallery, London, August 12-September 18, 1965.

  “Painting and Sculpture,” Stratton Arts Festival, Stratton, Vermont, September 30-October 12, 1965.  Text by E. C. Goossen.
Pat Adams; Anthony Caro; Paul Feeley; Vincent Longo; Kenneth Noland; Jules Olitski; Peter Stroud; Isaac Witkin.
  Ilton, 1963; Alphirk, 1964.
  “Artists Against Racialism Exhibition (World Campaign for the Release of South African Political Prisoners),” Savage Gallery and Cassel Gallery, London, October 7-27, 1965.
U.S. Artists:
Alan d’Arcangelo; Paul Feeley; Kusama; Eugen Lipkowitz; Loren MacIver; Agnes Martin; Jules Olitski; Stanley B. Pransky; Kendall Shaw; Ben Shahn; Michael Snow; Neil Williams; Sidney Wolfson.  
Southold, Watercolor, probably 1964.
  Colorists,” San Francisco Museum of Art, California, October 15-November 21, 1965.  Text by Anita Ventura.
: Somara, 1963; Asellus, 1964.
Josef Albers; Richard Anuszkiewicz; Karel Appel; William A. Baziotes; Karl Benjamin; Keith Boyle; Jack Bush; George Cohen; Alan Davie; Gene Davis; Burgoyne Diller; Piero Dorazio; Thomas Downing; Friedel Dzubas; Lorser Feitelson; Paul Feeley; Philip Guston; Charles Hinman; Hans Hofmann; Alfred Jensen; Allen Jones; Asger Jorn; Morris Louis; Jan Muller; Kenneth Noland; Larry Poons; Mark Rothko; David Simpson; Leon Polk Smith; Julian Stanczak; Frank Stella; Andy Warhol; Neil Williams.
  “An Art Benefit,” The Mental Health Association of Westchester County, October 17, 1965.
Petono, 1962.
  “Paul Feeley, Sculpture,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, December 7-31, 1965.  First one-man exhibition of sculpture.  
Work Included:
Elnath, 1965; Elphekrah, 1965; Elrischa, 1965; Ster, 1965.  
1966 “1965 Annual Exhibition of Contemporary American Painting,” Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, December 8, 1965-January 30, 1966.
  Alya, 1964.
  “Exhibition for the Benefit of the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art,” Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, December 14, 1965-January 30, 1966; Tibor de Nagy Gallery, New York, December 14-30, 1965; Kornblee Gallery, New York, December 14, 1965-January 5, 1966. Drawings.
  “25 Paintings ’65,” Virginia Museum, Boulevard Grove, Richmond, traveling exhibit through the state of Virginia.  
: Apyu, 1963 (#550); Craterwa, 1963; Alnitah, 1964.
  “Paul Feeley,” Nicholas Wilder Gallery, Los Angeles, January 18-February 12, 1966.  Paintings.  One-man exhibition.

“Multiplicity,” Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, MA, April 16-June 5, 1966.  Text by Molly Rannells.
Carl Andre; Dan Basen; Larry Bell; Chryssa; Xavier Corbero; George Deem; Paul Feeley; Jerry Foyster; Karl Gerstner; Arthur Houener; Gottfried Honegger; Robert Indiana; Don Judd; Bill Komodore; Yayoi Kusama; Lynn Leland; Kaspar-Thomas Lenk; Sol LeWitt; Alexander Liberman; Agnes Martin; Almir Mavignier; Francois Morellet; Edward Movotz; Claes Oldenburg; Ivan Picelj; Omar Rayo; Bridget Riley; Italo Scanga; Robert Smithson; Francisco Sobrino; Joel Stein; Gunther Uecker; Victor Vasarely; Andy Warhol; Robert Watts; H.C. Westermann; Yvaral (Jean Pierre Vasarely).
  Enir, 1965, wood sculpture.

  “Seven Decades 1895-1966,” Cordier and Ekstrom, Inc., New York, April 26-May 21, 1966.  Text by Peter Selz.
  “Whence Op,” Hecksher Museum, Huntington, New York, May 1-June 26, 1966.  Text by E. I. G.
Work included
: Asijatija, 1963.
  “2éme Salon International de Galeries pilotes; Artistes et découvreurs de notre temps,” Musee Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Palais de Rumine, Lausanne, June 12-October 2, 1966. Survey of artists from galleries around the world.
Betty Parsons Gallery Artists:
William Congdon; Paul Feeley; Thomas George; Minoru Kawabata; Lyman Kipp; Alexander Liberman; Walter Tandy Murch; Robert Murray; Kenzo Okada; Ad Reinhardt; Hedda Sterne; Bradley Walker Tomlin; Richard Tuttle; Ruth Vollmer; Jack Youngerman.
  Alphard, 1964 ; El Kophrah, 1965.
  “Systemic Painting,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, September 22-November 27, 1966.  Text by Lawrence Alloway.
  “Pattern Art, 20th Anniversary Show,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, October 4-29, 1966.  Text by Lawrence Alloway.
  Castellani; Feeley; Kipp; Liberman; Murray; Smithson; Tuttle; Youngerman.
  “Exhibition of American Painting and Sculpture,” Midland Group Gallery, Nottingham, England, 1966.  Introduction by Gene Baro.  Traveled to Museum of Modern Art, Oxford, England, 1966.
  “Paul Feeley,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, November 1-26, 1966.  Paintings and sculpture.   
Work included:
Formal Haut, 1965; Model for Sculpture Court, 1966, Court of Nine Baby Sculptures, 1965.  

“Vormen van de Kleur,” Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, November 11, 1966 – January 15, 1967.  Text by E. de Wilde and W. A. L. Beeren.  Traveled to Kunsthalle, Stuttgart, Germany, February 1967; Kunsthalle, Bern, Switzerland, April 14-May 21, 1967.

1967 “Color, Image Form,” Detroit Institute Of Arts, April 11-May 21, 1967.  Text by Gene Baro.  
Richard Anuszkiewicz; Darby Bannard; Anthony Caro; Allan D’Arcangelo; Gene Davis; Friedel Dzubas; Paul Feeley; Sam Francis; Helen Frankenthaler; Donald Judd.  
El Kophrah, 1965; El Maris, 1965; Cheleb, 1965; Canopus, 1965.  
  “Art in Embassies,” Special Project of the International Council of the Museum of Modern Art.  United States Embassy Residence, c/o Ambassador and Mrs. Jacob Beam, Prague, May 1967-October 1968; United States Embassy Residence, c/o Mrs. J. Robert Schaetzel, Brussels, June 1967-November 1968.  
Artists at Prague:
Marcel Duchamp; Paul Feeley; Alfred Jensen; Robert Motherwell; Georgia O’Keeffe; Robert Rauschenberg; Tony Smith; Alfred Stieglitz; Minor White; Mario Yrisarry; Marian Zazeela.
Artists at Brussels: Milton Avery; Joseph Binder; Paul Feeley; John Ferren; Edward Hopper; Barnett Newman; Man Ray; Larry Rivers; Stephen Antonakos; Shusaku Arakawa; Tosun Bayrak; Jean Linder; Les Levine.  
  “Seven Decades: A Selection,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, Summer, 1967. Through October 2, 1967.  
  Formal Haut, 1965.  
  “Summer Show 1967,” Museum of Modern Art, Through September 23, 1967.   
  “118 Show,” Kasmin Gallery, London, from August 4, 1967.  
  “Artists/Bennington,” (artists identified with Bennington College), Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago, December 6-31, 1967.  
  Josef Albers; Milton Avery; Jack Bush; Paul Feeley; Helen Frankenthaler; Kipp; Kostka; Liberman; Morris Louis; Jules Olitski; Robert Motherwell; David Smith; Ken Noland; Peter Stroud.  

“Acquisitions,” Whitney Museum of Art, 1967 or 1968.  

1968 “Betty Parsons’ Private Collection,” Finch College Museum of Art, New York, March 13-April 29, 1968. Text by E. C. Goossen.  
  “Paul Feeley: Memorial Exhibition,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, April 11-May 26, 1968.  Paintings and sculpture.  One-man exhibition. Text by Gene Baro. Extensive list of works in catalogue.
  “Retrospective Exhibtion Of Drawings And Watercolors,” Bennington College New Gallery, April 15-May 4, 1968.  One-Man Exhibition.  Text By Gene Baro.  Extensive list of drawings and watercolors in catalogue.
  “Opening Exhibition,” National Collection of Fine Arts, May 3-September 1, 1968.  
Helena, 1962.
  “Festival of Religion and the Arts,” North Avenue Presbyterian Church, New Rochelle, New York, May 25-June 9, 1968.  
  Featured Work, Corcoran Gallery of Art, beginning June 1968.  
  Sculpture Court in the Atrium.  
  “Recent Acquisitions Summer Show,” Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, June-September, 1968.  
  “Art Of The Real: U.S.A. 1948-1968,” The Museum Of Modern Art, New York, June 30-September 15, 1968.  Traveled to Grand Palais, Paris, November 14-December 28, 1968; Kunsthaus, Zurich, January 17-February 23, 1969; Tate Gallery, London, April 24-June 1, 1969.
  Deneb-El-Algedi (sculpture), 1965; Alphecca, 1965; Grafias, 1965; Ilion, 1962; Jack II (sculpture), 1968.
  “Sixth Biennial National Religious Art Exhibition,” Cranbrook Galleries, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, through April 27, 1969.
“Alcyone” 1963 won first prize $500, though incorrectly labeled “Geidi”.
  “Works of Art in the Executive Mansion,” Executive Mansion, Albany, New York, 1968.
Etamin, 1965.
  Renselaerville Institute, 1968.
Work: Semara, 1963

“Paul Feeley,” Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, 1969-1971.  List of 75 works selected for show. Assembled by Gene Baro.  Traveled to Andrew Dickson White Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, January 4-February 2, 1969.  Akron Art Institute, Firestone Gallery, Akron, Ohio, February 22-May 11, 1969.  Saginaw Art Museum, Saginaw, Michigan, September 6-October 5, 1969.  University Center, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tennessee, October 25-November 23, 1969.  Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute, Utica, New York, December 14, 1969-January 11, 1970.  Hunter Gallery of Art, Chattanooga, Tennessee, January 31-March 1, 1970.  University Gallery, University of Minnesota, March 21-April 19, 1970.  Museum of Art, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, August 15-September 13, 1970.  Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, California, October 3-November 1, 1970.  University Art Museum, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 9-February 7, 1971.  Kutztown State College, Kutztown, Pennsylvania, October 30-November 28, 1971.

1970 “Paul Feeley: A Selection From The Late 1950s Paintings,” Betty Parsons Gallery, March 10-28, 1970.       
  Blue in Yellow, 1954; Andros, 1956; Tenos, 1956; Ios, 1957; Syros, 1957; Thera, 1957; Delos, 1957; Anaphae, 1957; Paros, 1958; Melos, 1958; Naxos, 1958; Siphnos, 1958; Amorgos, 1959; Kythnos, 1959; Keos, 1959; Minos, 1959.
1971 Paul Feeley: Drawings And Watercolors,” Betty Parsons Gallery, New York, October 26-November 13, 1971.
A selection of works from the Smithsonian Traveling Exhibit.
1972 “Selections from the Betty Parsons’ Collection,” Montclair Art Museum, NJ, January-February, 1972.
Akerena, 1963.
1973 “Paul Feeley,” Andrew Crispo Gallery, August 15-September 15, 1973.

“Drawings Old, Drawings New,” Parsons-Truman Gallery, December 3-21, 1974.
Alper; Aylon; Breton; Cascella; Cianfoni; Chase; Riboud; Cohen; Cooke; Delacroix; De Kooning; Dine; Eisler; Feeley; Fini; Foujita; Francisco; Friedlaender; George; Gitlin; Gray; Groth; Guirey; Hacklin; Hall; Heller; Hofmann; Hugo; Ireland; Burne-Jones; King; Koehler; Lancaster; Liberman; Masurovsky; Matisse; Miller; Moore; Motherwell; Murch; Otto; Parsons; Pearson; Peterson; Pissarro; Richter; Robbins; Roberts; Rosen; Rothko; Russo; Schuselka; Shemi; S’Soreff; Steinberg; Sterne; Stokes; Taggart; Tuttle; Vollmer; Walker; Walkowitz; Youngerman.

1975 “Paul Feeley: Paintings, First Show of These Paintings in this Country,” Betty Parsons Gallery, January 7-25, 1975.
1976 “Paul Feeley,” André Emmerich Gallery, February 21-March 11, 1976. 
Works included:
Constantina, 1960; Germanicus, 1960; Tiberius, 1961; Claudius, 1961; Untitled, 1961; Rafina – 2 Grays, 1961; Rafina IV (Greece), 1961; Lacona, 1961; 1962 #59, Untitled; Apyu, 1963; Alpheratz, 1964; Southold Watercolors (#629); Seven Stones, Southold, 1965; Enir, 1965; Jack II, 1966; Model for a Sculpture Court; Untitled Greece Watercolor, 1961 (#757); Southold Watercolors (#764); Summer Southold Pad (#768); Between the In and the Out, 1957; Remus or Keos, 1959; 1959, Cassius; 1960, Lepidus; Cornelia, 1960; Julius, 1960; Trajan, 1960; 1960 #7 Untitled; 1960 #8, Untitled; 1960 #9 Untitled; 1960 #10 Untitled; Vespasian, 1960.

“Bennington College Art Auction,” Greenwich Country Club, Greenwich, Connecticut, November 5, 1978.
  Untitled Drawing, Female Nude; Three Friends, 1950; Music Appreciation, 1950.

1980 “Contemporary Paintings, Sculpture Drawings and Prints,” Bennington College Auction, Sotheby Parke Bernet, New York, March 11, 1980.
 Three Marine Bathers, 1948; 1964 #12 Untitled; Almaack, 1964; Paros, 1958.
1983 “Contemporary Art from the Estate of Betty Parsons,” Christie’s New York, November 9, 1983.
s: Akerena, 1963; Elphekrah, 1965.
1984 “Art as Personal Relation: The Collection of Lionel and Laura Nowak,” Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, Bennington, Vermont, November 20-December 14, 1984. “The exhibit’s focal and associative center was the dozen or so canvases and constructions by the late Paul Feeley.”
1987 “Fifty Years Of Collecting: An Anniversary Selection,” The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, November 13, 1987-March 13, 1988. 
  Formal Haut, 1965.
1990 “Tibor de Nagy Gallery Retrospective of the 1950s,” April 1990.
Work: Delos, 1957, #283.
1991 “Stubborn Painting: Now and Then,” Max Protetch Gallery, New York, December 19, 1991 through January 25, 1992. Curated by Ruth Kaufmann and Mike Metz.
  Forrest Bess; Paul Feeley; Philip Guston; Richard Tuttle; Ruth Vollmer; Thomas Nozkowski; Mary Heilmann; Elizabeth Murray; Jonathan Lasker; Philip Taaffe.
  Untitled, 1960; Untitled, 1960; Paeligni, 1961; Alphecca, 1964; Untitled, 1961; Lignum Vitae, 1963; Cassius, 1959; Untitled IV, 1959; Thera, 1957; Andros, 1956.
1994 “Deadpan” The Work Space at Dolgenos Newman & Cronin, New York, November 18, 1994-January 6, 1995. Curated by Carl Ostendarp.
Artists:  Jean Arp; Tex Avery; Jessica Diamond; Carroll Dunham; Paul Feeley; Theodor Geisel/Dr. Seuss; Ralph Humphrey; Otto Messmer; Elizabeth Murray; Lily van der Stokker; John Wesley.
1997 “Paul Feeley: Works on Paper,” Lawrence Markey Gallery, New York, September 20 – November 1, 1997.
Works: Untitled (Blue & Black), 1959-60; Untitled (red, yellow, blue), 1959-60; Untitled (Blue/Yellow), 1958-59; Untitled (Turquoise Center), 1964; Algenib, 1964; Untitled (Blue Center, Orange), 1964; Untitled Study, 1964; Painting Studies, 1965; Untitled (5 Figures, 4 Colors), 1964; Untitled (4 Orange Elements), 1964; Untitled (Red & Green Forms), 1964; Algieba, 1964; Untitled w/c #4, 1964; Untitled w/c #3 (Blue Field), 1964; Untitled Study w/c #2, 1963; Untitled (Yellow, Mauve, Green), 1962; Untitled (Central Blue Baluster), 1962; Untitled w/c #2, 1962; Konkapot (Baluster), 1964; Algoi, 1964; Untitled (Blue balusters, red ground), 1963; Untitled (Color Radiation), 1964.
1998 “The Green Mountain Boys: Caro, Feeley, Noland, and Olitski at Bennington in the 1960s,” André Emmerich Gallery, January 8-February 28, 1998.  Traveled to Usdan Gallery, Bennington College, March 10-April 4, 1998.
Works:  Alioth, 1964; Caesarea, 1962; Alkes, 1964; Enif, 1965.  Additional Works at Bennington: Almaack, 1964; Paros, 1958.
  “Bennington Retrospective,” Contemporary Arts Center, North Adams, MA, June 10-27, 1998.
Works:  Craterewa, 1963; Atlanta, 1962; Troy, 1962; Athens, 1962.
  “Now and Forever, Part I,” Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, through July 31, 1998.
Franz Ackermann; Diti Almog; John Armieder; Michael Beilacqua; Ashley Bickerton; Robin Bruch; Peter Cain; Casey Cook; George Condo; Pat de Groot; Carroll Dunham; Jeff Elrod; Paul Feeley; Bernard Frize; Maureen Gallace; Joanne Greenbaum; Peter Halley; Mary Heilmann; Gary Hume; Jacqueline Humphries; Jutta Koether; Yayoi Kusama; Sherrie Levine; Brice Marden; Helen Marden; Keith Mayerson; John Miller; Elizabeth Murray; Kenneth Noland; Jack Pierson; Sigmar Polke; Larry Poons; Monique Prieto; Richard Prince; Blake Rayne; Matthew Ritchie; Lisa Ruyter; Suzy Spence; Sturtevante; Philip Taaffe; Luc Tuymans; Andy Warhol; John Wesley; Sue Williams; Terry Winters.
Work: 1962 #6.
1999 “The Armory Show 1999, International Fair of New Art,” 69th Regiment Armory, New York, February 19-22, 1999.
Works:  Troy, 1962; 1962 Untitled #5.

“Shaping a Generation: The Art and Artists of Betty Parsons,” Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, New York, February 27-April 18, 1999.
Work:  E1 6 1965.

  “Paul Feeley, Paintings,” Lawrence Markey Gallery, New York, April 20-May 29, 1999.
Works: 1962, Troy; 1962 #5 Untitled; 1962 Untitled #37; 1962 Minoa; 1962 #36 Untitled.
2002 "Pace Setters at Mid-Century: Three New York Art Galleries," University of Virginia Art Museum. January 12-March 24, 2002.
"Paul Feeley: Painting and Sculpture," Lawrence Markey Gallery, New York, October 5-November 23, 2002.
  "Paul Feeley: Painting and Sculpture," Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, October 5-November 23, 2002.